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Питомник такс - Эр Таш

Hello, dear visitors of the site of our kennel. My name is Shemchuk Tatyana. I am the owner of the kennel with my husband.

It all started with the fact that in 1994 gave us the familiar wire-haired dachshund puppy of the then Czechoslovak kennel Vevoda Hubert. And in 1996, we have gained more and bitch Erna z Vobicek. Despite the small number of species, the first litter we have decided only in 2000. That's Erna and became the founder of our kennel. Over time, we have emerged and long-haired dachshund, the first of which was - Divniy Dar iz Severnoi Stolitsi. Since then, kennel was to breed a wirehaired and longhaired dachshunds.

In spite of the popularity and the large number of species we do not " breeding " , each occurrence of the puppies in the kennel is a painstaking , thoughtful work. We not only can you see with the puppies and their parents ( unless the binding was not abroad) , but also with their closest relatives. Our puppies grow up in freedom ( we are by no means something that is acceptable cell content) and by direct contact with us. Puppies reared from birth to love, not only have a good mentality , but also well- adapted to a full life in the city. We do not stop to chat with her pups after their transfer to new owners , rejoice with them good luck and saddened defeats, but the most important thing for us is that our dogs are loved and desired throughout their lives , despite all the exhibition regalia or absence thereof. And this is a very important moment for us !

GREAT thanks to the owners family wirehaired dachshund - Er Tash VINCENT (owner Zhurbov E. St. Petersburg) for their invaluable support to kennel.
In conclusion, we note that our dogs have titles J Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Champion of the National Club, Baltic Champion, Champion of Latvia. Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, WORLD CHAMPION




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